The Beginning of Wonder


There she is. The first time I ever drew Wonder Woman. Now, if you know me personally or you have seen my Instagram page, the next piece of information is something you are familiar with. I LOVE DRAWING WONDER WOMAN!! Yes, I shouted. Woooooo!!(Thank you Ric Flair)

Wait, where was I? Sorry, I got too excited. Why wouldn’t I be? I am talking about Wonder Woman in a Ric Flair voice. The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!! Wooooooo!!!

Wait, I did it again, didn’t I? Ok, back to the picture now.

Here, let me create a format to stop me from digressing into another pro-wrestling promo.

1. What do I like about this drawing?

Well, she was my first….Wonder Woman drawing. And like most…errm..memorable first ‘events’, she’s quite clumsy, and I didn’t seem to have much of an idea about what I was doing. And like most first…’incidents’, the subsequent attempts were a lot better. Still, first come first serve (that’s what she said?).

2. Why did I draw this?

I was reading Wonder Woman’s New 52 run by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang around this time. Loved the story and art. Wanted to draw, hence, I drew.

3. What did I learn from this drawing?

Ummm..that I sucked at drawing. Especially drawing women. However, it motivated me to put in more time and effort behind learning to draw. Silver linings and stuff.

4. Final verdict

When rookies show promise, they are generally given good ratings. Karl Anthony Towns had an 83 rating on NBA Live Mobile in his rookie year. Ok, I know I should rather be playing NBA 2k, but still, a point made, is a point made. Coming back to the point, I didn’t show any promise. I (objectively)give this drawing a 3/10. I love how she looks, just like how my mother loves how I look.

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Till we meet again,


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