Wonder in the Peruvian Skies

Hi there, this post isn’t about the wonderful song Peruvian Skies, from Dream Theater’s Falling Into Infinity album. That song deserves a post of its own(or maybe even an entire blog page). Maybe I’ll write it myself one day.

Back to what this post is about, this post is about this drawing of the Peruvian Wonder Woman, Maria Mendoza. Designed by Jim Lee, she featured in Stan Lee’s Just Imagine series (from Earth 6) for DC (yup, Stan the Man has also written for DC). In the story line, Maria works as an activist protesting against the ruthless excavation of an ancient holy site in Cuzco. Then some….stuff happens and she is given the Golden Staff of the Inca Sun God, Manco Capac (not a historical fact, just quoting the book), and she becomes WONDER WOMAN(or MUJER MARAVILA because her mother tongue is Spanish). She does some glorious and heroic stuff after that.

Now, back to our format.

1. What do I like about this drawing?

The art in the book is really beautiful and inspirational. One of the most gorgeous depictions of Wonder Woman that I have ever seen(including Gal Gadot’s onscreen version). Ofcourse my depiction, when compared to the original version, is like how a Big Mac looks in your hands, when compared to the Big Mac in pictures. Still, a Big Mac’s a Big Mac. Soggy buns or not.

2. Why did I draw this?

As I was reading the book, my hands were itching to grab my…pencil(what else should they have grabbed?) and start drawing her. So I did that.

3. What did I learn from this drawing?

That even when you suck at drawing, using something drop dead gorgeous as a reference will help you end up with something which is atleast passable. So I decided to always use the best looking photos for reference from this point on.

4. Final verdict

I like her, I like her quite a lot infact. Even though I drew her with a waist narrower than the pencil I used to draw her. Still, who says unrealistic proportions can’t look great? A Solid 7/10. ¡Me gusta mucho!

Check out more of my art at https://www.instagram.com/akarsh_shekhar/

If you’d like me to draw something for you, let me know in the comments below.

If you are here, you probably like drawing, but I am sure you don’t like typing long URLs like https://likedrawingblog.wordpress.com 

So, why don’t you bookmark this page? You can access it with just one click then.

Till we meet again,


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