Justice Is Served


Justice requires that we work to restore those that have been injured.


On 17th November 2001, which is almost half-a-lifetime ago for me, something magical aired on TV. That’s the day, the world watched Secret Origins, the first episode of the Justice League TV Show. Yes, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman (among other heroes) had come together in the 70s on TV but this was the first truly fleshed out, beautifully animated and exciting small screen adaptation of the most powerful and glorious pantheon of superheroes. I watched every episode on TV and as I have grown older and the show has ended, I still binge watch it through DVDs. I love Justice League with a passion which will burn bright as long as I live and breathe.


From the day I heard that there’s going to be a live-action Justice League movie, my excitement and anticipation knew no bounds. On top of that, one of my favourite film-makers of all time, Zack Snyder was at the helm. When it comes to replicating comic book pages on the silver screen, I don’t think anyone else comes close. I love all his movies and I have really enjoyed everything he has done with the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).


Now, onto the movie. I am a simple man of average intelligence. I am not an intellectual by any means nor do I aspire to be a part of the pretentious ‘intelligentsia’. When I watch a movie with Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, I automatically love it. I love these characters and quite frankly, I love everything featuring them(including the wonderful Back to School ads). This movie is a 2 hour thrill ride that should not be missed by anyone. Ben Affleck is brilliant, Gal Gadot is wonderful, Jason Momoa is amazing, Henry Cavill is superb, Ezra Miller is funny and Ray Fisher is commanding. Justice League has the right mix of drama, action, heroism, darkness, hope, action and humour.


However, the emotion that I felt really strongly, was hope. In BvS: Dawn of Justice(I love that movie), the symbol of hope, Superman dies. In Justice League, hope returns in all its glory. That’s the biggest reason I drew this very positive and silver-age inspired piece to accompany this review. I really really loved this movie. Loved how the heroes were depicted, their chemistry was incredible and all of them oozed some bewitching charisma. My favourite scene by far is the first interaction between The Flash and Superman. That one scene is definitely the most ‘super’ scene in the history of scenes. I won’t spoil it for you with details, just watch the movie.


In conclusion, I would like to say that this isn’t as much a review as it is a love-letter to some of my favourite fictional characters coming to life on the silver screen together. Years from now, when my future generations ask me, where were you when the Justice League came together on the silver screen? I will proudly answer, IMAX Koramangala, seat E-11. I have witnessed history, and I’ll cherish this memory till the end of my days.


The only reason I won’t give this a perfect score is that almost 45 minutes of the film were left on the editing room floor. The Director’s Cut can’t arrive sooner.


4/5 Scales of Justice



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2 thoughts on “Justice Is Served

  1. Hey Akarsh. Nicely done. Well written review along with the caricatures. You could probably draw some real life characters as well. Like a Marlon Brando from the Godfather from the opening scene in colour. You could probably get inspired by the visual effects shown during the end(or the start credits) of Captain America.

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